Welcome to the Pigpen!

Pigpen House Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning is the finest; unpretentious, service in the Palm Springs area. Officially in business since 2011, we provide top notch cleaning services for your home and business, using 90% biodegradable products.

We want you to know what we can do for your home and office, and we want you to get to know us as people too. Why? We believe that relationships, both personal and professional, are what's most important in every single aspect of our interconnected lives. We are not just selling a service; we are creating relationships on every level possible - all of this with a smile.

Life's pretty difficult these days. We know it's been hard to be happy in the midst of cut backs. We don't claim to be the cheapest company out there, nor are we the most expensive. We do our best to support a commitment towards a Win/Win relationship, at what we feel is a fair and reasonable price.